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poc1, m. (gs. & npl. poic, gpl. ~). 1. (Of deer, goat) Buck. ~ gabhair, billy-goat. ~ fionn, male of fallow deer. 2. (a) Butt (as from goat). Thug sé ~ sa tóin dó, he butted him in the behind. (b) ‘Puck’, stroke of stick (as in hurling). ~ báire, (i) hurling-stroke, stroke of play, (ii) puck at goal. ~ cúil, puck-out. ~ sleasa, side-line puck. ~ saor, free (in hurling). An ~ fada, long-stroke competition. 3. (a) Puck (in cattle). (b)~ tinnis, bout of illness. ~ aosán, sudden (mysterious) attack of illness. ~ mearaidh, touch of insanity. Buaileadh ~ air, he was elf-struck, bewitched. Cad é an ~ a buaileadh ort? What strange fit came over you? 4. ~ a thabhairt do rud, to try one’s hand at sth.; to touch sth. up.
poc2 = pocáil.
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