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Similar words: scaoite · oscailte · saoite · sároilte · scaile
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scaoilte could be a grammatical form of: scaoil » · scaoileadh »
scaoilte, a3. 1. pp. of scaoil. 2. Loose. (a)Barriall ~, loose shoe-lace. Ulóg ~, loose pulley. Cnaipe ~, loose button. Éadach ~, loose-fitting clothes. Clocha ~, loose stones. Cré ~, loose earth. (b)Rialacha ~, elastic rules. Stíl ~, rambling style. Caint ~, loose talk. (c)Med:Duán ~, loose kidney. Inní, putóga, ~, loose bowels. 3. Free, unconstrained. Lámh ~, free hand. Cos ~, freedom to roam. Lig ceann ~ leis, let him have his head. Pósta nó ~, married or single. Tá sí ~ go fóill, she is still free of marriage ties. 4. Loose-limbed, lithe, supple. Géaga ~, loose limbs. Coiscéim ~, free stride. 5 :scaoileadh.
Scaoil a cheann leis; lig ~ scaoilte leis, give him free rein.
~ scaoilte, loose (form of)
~ scaoilte, bulk cargo.
~ scaoilte, shooting-gallery.
Lig sé sceimhealta scaoilte uaidh, he let loose his marauders.
~ bheilte, choirceogach, dhifreálach, eitreach, ghrádach, scaoilte, shuite, belt, cone, differential, grooved, step, loose, fixed, pulley.
Tá an t-~ deireanach scaoilte aige, he has shot his bolt.
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