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seanchas, m. (gs. -ais).1. Lit:(a) Traditional law. An S~ Mór, (title of) collection of ancient Irish law-tracts. (b) Ancient history and tradition. (c) Genealogical information. S.a. ollamh 1(b).2. Lore, tradition; (act of) story-telling. ~ baile, béil, na ndaoine, local, oral, popular, tradition. De réir seanchais, according to tradition. Tá ~ air, it is known in tradition, in story. ~ na n-éan, bird lore. 3. (Act of) talking, chatting, seeking information; informative talk, discussion. Bhí ~ fada againn, we had a long discussion. Tá ~ fada air, it is a long story. Bhí siad ag cur do sheanchais, they were inquiring about you. Níor chuir sé an ~ sin orm, he didn’t ask me for that information. Ní chuirfimid an ~ níos faide, we won’t pursue the matter any further. S.a. anachain, duáinín 2. (Var:gs. ~a; ~c m)
Níl maith sa seanchas nuair a bhíos an ~ déanta, it is no use crying over spilt milk.
Chaoch sé le seanchas mé, he confounded me with ancient lore.
~ an tseanchais, self-heal.
Ag míniú seanchais, expounding ancient lore.
~ seanchais, le seanchas, chief historian.
~ cainte, seanchais, wealth of speech, of story-telling.
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