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spota, m. (gs. ~, pl. ). Spot. 1. (a) Spot of colour. ~í geala in éadach, white spots in cloth. (b) Speck, stain. ~ salachair, speck of dirt. ~ gréisce, spot of grease. Bain na ~í den scaraoid, remove the stains from the table-cloth. (c) Blemish, stigma. ~ ar chine, a stigma on a race. Gan teimheal ná ~, without spot or stain. (d) Marked spot. Bill:An liathróid a chur ar an ~, to spot the ball. 2. (a) Particular place. ~ beag ar chliathán cnoic, a little spot on the side of a hill. An ~ a bhfuil mé i mo sheasamh ann, the spot on which I stand. Sa ~ céanna, in the same spot. (b)Ar an ~, on the spot, immediately. Rinne sé ar an ~ é, he did it then and there. D’aithin mé ar an ~ é, I recognized him at once. 3. ~ grinn, spot of fun. Bhí ~ acu air, they were making fun of him. (Var:spot m)
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