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staic, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ~eanna).1. Stake, post. Ba ar ~, cows chained in byre. An ~ a tharraingt, to pull up the stake; to cast aside restraint. ~ a chur i mbéal bóthair, to stake, block entry to, a road. Ná bí i do ~ i mbéal bearna, don’t stand there blocking the way. Fágadh ina ~ é, he was left rooted to the spot. Rinne sé ~ díom, he flummoxed me. Níl ann ach ~ i dtalamh, he just stands there like a post. 2. Stock; butt, stump. ~ fir, stocky, thickset, man. ~ mhagaidh, laughing-stock. (Var:pl. ~eacha, ~í)
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