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tapa1, m. (gs. ~). Quickness, readiness, speed; activity, vigour. ~ a bheith ionat, to be quick, ready, active. ~ a dhéanamh, to act fast; to hurry up. Is maith an ~ a rinne tú, you were quick off the mark. Bheith ar do thapa, to be ready, alert. Ní raibh mé ar mo thapa, I was taken unawares. Teacht ar ~, to come to the ready. Níl mórán ~ fágtha ann, there isn’t much energy left in him. De thapa na huaire, by chance.
tapa2, a3. Quick, ready, active. Tá sé ~ as a lámha, he is quick with his hands. ~ ar a chosa, fast on his feet. Gníomh ~, quick, sudden, act. Déan go ~ é, do it quickly. Éirigh go ~, get up quick. Ag siúl go ~, walking fast. (Var:~idh a1)
Go ~ tapa, with urgent speed.
Nach tapa a choir sé? Didn’t he tire very quickly?
Níl ~ ná tapa ann, he has neither strength nor vigour.
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