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Rud ~, sth. terrifying, sth. to make one quake.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to terrify s.o.
Bhí a anam i gcúl a dhoirn aige, leis, he was terrified of his life.
Dhubhaigh agus dheann air, he changed colour, became terrified.
Bhí ~ mo chroí orm, I was terrified at heart.
Chuir an t-arracht ~ ar a gcona, the monster terrified their dogs.
~ a bheith ort, to be terrified.
Chuir sé ~ orm, it made my heart throb; it terrified me.
Toirneach ~, terrifying thunder.
Rud ~, terrifying thing.
Tháinig ~ air, he became terrified.
~ siad inár mbeatha sinn, they terrified us out of our wits.
Bhí an leanbh sceimhlithe roimhe, the child was terrified of him.
~ sé, he became terrified.
Chuir sé ~ iontu, he terrified them.
~ a chur ar dhuine, to overawe s.o.; to terrify s.o.
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