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trian, m. (gs. -ain, pl. ~ta, after numerals 3-10treana). 1. Third. ~ de rud, a third part of sth. ~ de na leabhair, a third of the books. Bhí ~ foirne againn, we had one-third of the staff we needed. Thug sé ~ a raibh ina sheilbh dom, he gave me a third of all he possessed. Bhí siad ina suí go raibh an ~ deireanach den oíche ann, they sat up until the small hours of the morning. Dhá d~, dhá thrian, two-thirds; the major part. Bhí dhá d~ meisce air, he was three parts drunk. Chaith siad dhá d~ den am ag breallaireacht, they spent the greater part of the time talking nonsense. Trí treana a dhéanamh de rud, to divide sth. into three parts. S.a. galar 1. 2. Hist: Division, quarter (of town).
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