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afternoon, s. Iarnóin f -a, tráthnóna m. I shall see him this afternoon, feicfidh mé tráthnóna é. At half-past two in the afternoon, leathuair tar éis a dó tráthnóna. Every afternoon, gach uile thráthnóna. I saw him on Tuesday afternoon, chonaic mé tráthnóna Dé Máirt é. Good afternoon! (i) (On meeting) Dia dhuit (dhíbh)! (ii) (On departure) Slán agat (agaibh)!
Drowsy afternoon, tráthnóna trom, codlatach.
In the afternoon, san iarnóin.
At four o'clock in the afternoon, ar a ceathair a chlog tráthnóna.
Afternoon tea has become an institution, tá an tae beag ina bhun-nós anois.
In the late afternoon, siar sa tráthnóna; tráthnóna déanach.
Late in the afternoon, tráthnóna déanach.
Afternoon nap, codladh m beag tráthnóna.
Afternoon tea, tae beag.
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