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Similar words: coganta · consanta · coranta · cosantaí · crosanta
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cosanta could be a grammatical form of: cosain » · cosaint »
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Cumann m Cosanta na nAinmhithe.
Counsel for the defence, abhcóide cosanta.
Witness for the defence, finné m cosanta.
The evidence for the prosecution, for the defence, finnéithe an chúisithe, na cosanta.
To fence (in) machinery, sciath, deis cosanta, a chur thart ar innealra.
Fishery-protection vessel, bád cosanta iascaireachta.
To garrison a stronghold, daingean a chur i dtreo cosanta, faoi bharda.
Fenc: Box: He took his guard, chuir sé é féin i dtreo cosanta.
To condemn s.o. without a hearing, duine a dhaoradh gan cead cosanta aige.
Protective mask, masc m cosanta.
Minister of Defence, for Defence, Aire Cosanta.
This land is preserved, tá an talamh seo cosanta.
Sheltered industry, tionscal cosanta.
Defensive works, oibreacha cosanta.
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