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difference, s. 1 Difríocht f, difear m, éagsúlacht f. There is a great difference between them, is fada buí óna chéile iad. There is not much difference between them, is beag eatarthu. What a difference from . . ., is neamhionann agus . . . Difference in age, aga f aoise (idir). Difference in temperature, difríocht f teochta. With a slight difference, ach an méidín seo de dhifear (a bheith ann). With this difference that. .., ach an difríocht seo bheith ann go . . . It makes no difference (to me), is cuma (dhomsa) é. That makes all the difference, cuireann san cruth eile ar fad ar an scéal. 2 Difríocht (idir uimhreacha). Com: To split the difference, a mbeadh idir beirt a scoilteadh. Split the difference! scoiltigí é! Rail: To pay the difference, an fuílleach a íoc. 3 Aighneas m, easaontas m, conspóid f. Differences arose, d'éirigh aighneas (eatarthu). 4 Her: Deachair f.
A decided difference, difríocht shoiléir.
To discern no difference, gan aon difríocht a thabhairt faoi deara.
There is great difference between doing and saying, ní briathar a dhearbhaíos ach gníomh.
An imperceptible difference, difríocht nach dtabharfaí faoi deara.
Difference in kind, difear bunúsach.
Difference of level between two objects, éagothrom airde dhá rud.
The difference lies in this, that . . ., is é an áit ina bhfuil an difríocht ná . . .
Perceptible difference, difríocht inaitheanta.
They sank their differences, rinne siad neamhshuim dá raibh eatarthu.
Not the smallest difference, difríocht dá laghad.
A substantial difference, difríocht mhór.
Tangible difference, fíordhifríocht f.
Tremendous difference, difríocht mhór mhillteach.
Well-marked differences, difríochtaí soiléire.
There is a wide difference between . . ., is fada ó chéile iad . . .
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