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set about, 1 v.i. a To set about doing sth., dul i gceann ruda; luí isteach ar rud a dhéanamh. I don't know how to set about it, níl a fhios agam cén chaoi le dul ina cheann; ní fheadar conas cur chuige. b F: To set about s.o., ionsaí a dhéanamh ar dhuine. 2 v.tr. To set a rumour about, ráfla a chur thart.
He was not long in, about, over, setting up a ladder, ní raibh aon mhoill air dréimire a chur ina sheasamh.
You set about it in the wrong way, chuaigh tú ina cheann ar an dóigh chontráilte.
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