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éag1, m. (gs. & npl. ~a, gpl. ~; dpl. ~aibh used in certain literary phrases).1. vn. of éag2. 2. Death. (a)Dul in ~, dul d’~, to die; to expire, die out, become extinct. Chuaigh sé d’~ leis an tart, he died of thirst. Tá an tine ag dul in ~, the fire is going out. Tá an stoirm in ~, the storm is spent. Dul don ~ mar chách, to go the way of all flesh. Tá sé ag druidim leis an ~, he is near death. Chomh fuar leis an ~, as cold as death. Is ionann an cás an t-~ is an bás, it is six of one and half a dozen of the other. (b)Go h~, till death, forever; (with neg.) never. Bheith go h~ le rud, to be forever at sth., completely absorbed in sth. (c)Lit:Ria, iar, n-éagaibh, before, after, death. ~a na bliana, the year’s mortality. A chuirfeadh ~a an earraigh ar gcúl, which would bring dead things to life in the spring. Céad ~a = céadéaga. 3. Numbness, powerlessness. ~ i lámh, want of feeling in a hand. 4. (In phrase) Ar chúl ~a, in a backward state or position; isolated, unnoticed, forgotten. Tá an áit seo ar chúl ~a, this place is at the back of beyond. Tá siad ar chúl ~a anois, they are ignored, forgotten, now. Fágadh ar chúl ~a sinn, we were left out in the cold.
éag2, v.i. Die; expire, die out, become extinct. (Var:vn. ~adh m)
Is cuma liom ~ nó éag, mo bheo nó mo mharbh, I care not whether I live or die.
Níl ~ againn ón éag, we can’t escape death.
~ liom a ndul in éag, woe is me that they have passed away.
Ní fhéachann an t-éag do neach, death is no respecter of persons.
~ n-éag, after death.
Éag agus ~, death and departure.
D’éag, thit, an ~, the lease expired.
~ d’éag uaidh sin amach, I’d gladly die after that.
Ní fhaightear ~ ón éag, there is no reprieve from death.
(Is) ~ nár éag sé, he nearly died.
Gearr ~ m’onóra óna n-éag, I shall not be held long in honour after their death.
Tá siad ag dul in éag, i ndearmad, they are dying out, being forgotten.
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