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Similar words: imirc · coimirce · imir · impire · inimirce
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imirce could be a grammatical form of: imirc »
imirce, f. (gs. ~, pl. -cí).1. Change of abode; migration, emigration. ~ a dhéanamh, to change abode, to move out; to migrate, to emigrate. ~ oíche, moonlight flitting. ~ uabhair a dhéanamh, to go away in a huff. ~ amach, out-migration. ~ isteach, in-migration. Éan ~, migratory bird. Bheith ar ~, to be shifting, flitting, on a migratory journey. ~ a bhaint as duine, to make s.o. change his abode, to shift s.o. Go n-éirí bhur n-~ libh, may you be lucky in your new home. An ~ go Sasana, the emigration to England. Éag agus ~, death and departure. Lit:~ nirt, forcible migration. 2. Transfer of movable property. Lit:~ longfoirt, shifting of camp. 3. Lit: Moving household, migratory body, band of emigrants. Maois gona ~, Moses with his migrating people. (Var:imirche, imirghe, imirí)
~ taistil, imirce, travellers, emigrants.
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