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aice1, f. (gs. ~). Nearness, proximity. 1. (In phrase) In ~, near. (a) (Of position) In ~ na farraige, near the sea. I m’~, in ~ liom, near, next, to me. Na bailte in ~ a chéile, the adjacent townlands. In ~ láimhe, near at hand. In ~ láithreach, near, close, by. Fan i m’~, stay near me, help me. (Of time) In ~ na hoíche, near nightfall. (b) (Of mental attitude) An rud atá in ~ lena thoil, what he really wishes. Níl sé in ~ lena chroí, he is not sincere about it. (c) Along with, in addition to. In ~ chúnamh Dé, with the help of God. Fad saoil duit in ~ na sláinte, long life and good health to you. Ina ~ sin, along with that, besides. (d)Tá a lámh in ~ leis, he has lost the use of his arm. 2. (In phrase) As ~, away from. As ~ mo dhaoine, where I miss my people. Tóg as a ~ é, take it out of his reach.
aice2, f. (gs. ~, pl. -cí). Habitat. ~ gliomach, portán, lobsterhole, crabhole. (Var:pl. ~acha)
Ná labhair thar d’~, os cionn d’anála, air; ná lig in aice, le hais, d’anála é, don’t breathe a word of it.
Bhí sé ~ in aice linn, he was there (on former occasion) beside us.
Fanacht in aice na cloiche, to stay close to shore.
An áit a mbíonn an ~ bíonn an sólás ina aice, every cloud has a silver lining.
Bheith sa ~, i mbéal, in aice, an dorais, ag duine, to be next door to s.o.
Is furasta ~eadh in aice na mine, it is easy to do something if one has the means.
In aice, near.
In aice láimhe, near at hand.
In aice láithreach, nearby.
Tá a cairdese in aice léi, her friends are near her.
In aice leis an ~, close to the blaze, to the fire.
aníos do chathaoir in aice na tine, bring up your chair close to the fire.
Táimid ag teacht in aice leis an áit, we are coming near the place.
An ~ atá in aice liom, the person next to me.
Theann siad aníos in aice na tine, they drew up close to the fire.
Thóg mé iad in aice le Nás, I picked them up near Naas.
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