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aicearra, m. (gs. ~, pl. ).1. Short-cut. ~ a ghabháil, to take a short-cut. Ag gabháil ~ gach conaire, taking all the shorter paths. ~ a ghearradh ar dhuine, to steal a march on s.o. Prov:Cam díreach an ród is é an bealach mór an t-~, ‘the longest way round is the shortest way home’. 2. Abridgement. ~ na nAitheanta, summary of the Commandments. (Var:f)
Beidh sé ina ~ má bhaintear an t-aicearra de, he will be in a sorry plight if he loses the short-cut.
An t-aicearra, an timpeall, a ghabháil, to take the short cut, the long way round.
Aicearra a ghearradh, to take a short cut.
Tháinig sé an t-aicearra de rúid, he came dashing along the short-cut.
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