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Similar words: anchuid · lánchuid
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an-chuid, f. (gs. ~). Great deal. Níl (an) ~ céille aige, he hasn’t got much sense.
anchuid, f. (gs. -choda). Excessive amount. Duine ar an ~ agus duine ar an ngannchuid, some people have too much and others too little.
An chuid is lú de, the least part of it.
An chuid eile den scéal, the rest of the story.
An chuid is mó, the greater, greatest, part.
An chuid is measa de, the worst part of it.
An chuid is lú de is é is fearr, the less of it the better.
An chuid ghlas, the green part; the green ones.
An chuid is mó den ~, the highest in red.
Tá an-chuid ~a ar siúl aige, he deals in a lot of things.
An chuid ~ acu, the rest of them.
Agus an chuid eile ~, and the rest as well.
Is é an chuid is iontaí den scéal (go), the strange thing about it is (that).
Mheil sé an chuid eile dá shaol mar sin, he wore out the rest of his days like that.
Is é an chuid is measa den scéal (go), the worst aspect of the matter is (that).
Bhí an chuid eile den airgead ~, the rest of the money was intact.
Tá an chuid is troime den obair déanta, the heaviest part, the bulk, of the work is done.
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