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aneas, adv. & prep. & a. From the south. An ghaoth ~, the south wind. ~ lámh anoir, lámh aniar, from south by east, by west.
~ aduaidh, aneas, from the north-west, south-west.
~~ aduaidh, aneas, from west-north-west, west-south-west.
~ lámh aduaidh, aneas, from west by north, by south.
~ aneas lámh aneas, lámh ~, from south-west by south, by west.
~ aduaidh, aneas, from the north-east, south-east.
~~ aduaidh, aneas, from the east-north-east, east-south-east.
~ lámh aduaidh, aneas, from east by north, by south.
~ aneas lámh aneas, lámh ~, from south-east by south, by east. ~
Bhí an ghaoth aniar aneas ag ~t an tsneachta, the south-west wind was thawing the snow.
~ aniar, aniar aneas, west, south-west, wind.
Aneas ~ anoir, from south by east. (Of position)
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