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bheas could be a grammatical form of: bí »
bheas :3.
An Té a bhí agus atá (agus a bheas go brách), He who was and is (and always will be).
Is fada a bheas d’íorna ar ~, you will be a long time about it.
Sin an ~ a bheas air, it will come to that eventually.
Fad is a bheas grian ag dul ~, whilst the sun follows its course, to the end of time.
Mar a bhí riamh agus mar a bheas go ~, as it ever was and will be.
Fad a bheas D~ ina Dhia, while there is a God above.
Is iomaí ~ thirim a bheas ina dhiaidh, few will weep at his going.
An dá ~ de shaol a bheas agat, as long as you live.
De réir mar a bheas an ~ (is an aimsir), according as things turn out.
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