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bhur, poss. a. (Eclipses consonants, prefixes n- to vowels) Your (pl.).1. ~ dtithe, ~ n-ainmneacha, your houses, your names. In ~ saol, in your life. 2. (Used with vn. to express pronominal object) Ní maith liom ~ ndiúltú, I don’t like to refuse you. Bígí (do) ~ n-aclú féin, keep exercising yourselves. Bhí sibh (do) ~ gcloí, you were being overthrown.
Níl clúmh le bhur n-~, you haven’t an easy life.
Le bhur gcead ~, with the consent of both of you.
Ní bheidh mé faoi bhur m~ feasta, I will not be under the lash of your tongues any longer.
Níl ~ agam oraibh, ar bhur gcuid cainte, I am indifferent to you, I care not what you say.
Bíodh bhur g~ le chéile, be gentle, friendly, with one another.
Níor mhaith liom teacht in bhur g~ , I wouldn’t like to be caught in your wiles.
do, mo, bhur. See
~igí bhur gcabaireacht, give over your chatter.
Tagaigí chuig bhur gcuid go ~, come to your meals punctually.
Thar bhur n-acmhainn ~, beyond your own means.
~aigí bhur suíocháin, take your seats.
Go n-éirí bhur n-~ libh, may you be lucky in your new home.
Is móide bhur neart bhur ~, your strength lies in your numbers.
Go ~e sibh bhur saol nua, may you enjoy your new life; congratulations on your marriage.
bhur, with nouns or adjectives ending in broad consonant or broad vowel)
Tá bhur n-aithreachasa beo, your fathers are alive.
~igí bhur mbratacha le gaoth, spread your banners to the wind.
Déanaigí ~ de bhur n-anam, be solicitous for your souls.
bhur, with nouns or adjectives ending in slender consonant or slender vowel)
Bhur dtailte mínese, your smooth lands.
Tá ~ in bhur gcosa! Aren’t you very anxious to get around!
Téigí ar bhur nglúine, go down on your knees.
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