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bisigh could be a grammatical form of: biseach »
bisigh1, v.t. & i. (vn. -iú m, gs. -ithe). 1. Improve. Bheith ag bisiú, to be on the mend. Bhisigh sé ina shláinte, ina ghné, he improved in health, in appearance. Bhisigh an saol ó shin, times have improved since then. Tá an aimsir ag bisiú, the weather is improving. 2. Increase, prosper. Tá sé ag bisiú sa saol, ina ghnóthaí, he is getting on well in the world, in his business. Beannú ar an leanbh, is é atá ag bisiú, the child is thriving well, bless him. Go mbisí Dia sibh, may God prosper you.
bisigh2 :biseach.
Tá ~ bisigh air, he shows signs of improvement.
Ar ~ bisigh, beginning to improve (in health).
Bannaí bisigh, premium bonds.
Tuilleadh bisigh ort! (i) Good for you! (ii)
Bliain bhisigh, leap year.
Lá bisigh, intercalary day.
~ bhisigh, leap year.
~ bhisigh, ~ inlao, in-calf cow.
Ag bisiú i g~ is i ndaoine, increasing in wealth and population.
Tá na barra ag cur leo féin ó bhisigh an aimsir, the crops are progressing since the weather improved.
Tá sé ag bisiú ina ghné, he is beginning to look better.
~ (chun) bisigh, a turn for the better.
Is ~ a bhisigh sé, he has improved greatly.
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