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claon1, m. (gs. -oin, pl. ~ta).1. Incline; slope, slant. ~ an chnoic, the slope of the hill. Ar ~, on a slant, slanting. Airm ar ~, arms at slope. I g~ m’aoise, in my declining years. 2. Inclination, tendency. (a)~ta an duine, human tendencies. Lean sé dá chlaon, he followed his bent. Ní bhfaighinn i mo chlaonta é a dhéanamh, I couldn’t get myself to do it. (b)~ a bheith agat le rud, to have a propensity for sth. ~ chun óil, partiality for drink. Tá ~ ag an leanbh leat, the child takes to you. Is beag an ~ atá aige linn, he is not very favourably disposed to us. ~ na máthar lena clann, a mother’s leaning towards her children. 3. Perversity. ~ chun oilc, inclination towards evil. Tá an ~ ann, he is perverse by nature. Ár gclaonta a chosc, to curb our (evil) inclinations. 4. (In phrase) ~ adhairte, crick in the neck. 5. A little. ~ amhrais, éada, touch of suspicion, of jealousy. ~ beag ró-ard, a little too high. Tá sé ~ beag níos fearr mar sin, it is a shade better like that.
claon2, a1. 1. Inclined; sloping, slanting. Éadan ~, receding forehead. 2. Bent down, reclining. 3. (With ar, chun) Tending, prone, to; partial to. 4. Perverse. Ár dtoil chlaon, our evil inclinations. Beart ~, crooked act. Breithiúnas ~, perverse judgment.
claon3, v.t. & i. 1. Incline. (a) Slope, slant. Rud a chlaonadh (do leataobh, ar clé), to incline sth. (to one side, to the left). Airm a chlaonadh, to slope arms. (b) Bend, bow down. Chlaon sé a cheann, he bowed, nodded, his head. Chlaon Sé a cheann sa chroch dúinn, He inclined His head, died, on the cross for us. ~ an chraobh, bend down the branch. ~adh chun tosaigh, os cionn ruda, to lean forward, over sth. ~ do chluas, incline your ear, listen. (c) Decline; yield. Chlaon a neart, his strength declined. Chlaon sé, he yielded. (d) (With chun, le) ~adh chun raimhre, to incline to obesity. An croí a chlaonadh chun oilc, to incline the heart to evil. Má chlaonann sé leis an obair, if he takes to the work. Chlaon sé leis an namhaid, he sided with the enemy. (e) (With ó) Deviate from. ~adh ón bhfírinne, to deviate from the truth. Níor chlaon sé óna rún, he did not diverge from his purpose. (f) (With ar) Betray. Thug siad gealladh gan ~adh ar a chéile, they promised not to betray each other. 2. Pervert. An fhírinne a chlaonadh, to pervert the truth. Chlaon sé mo chuid cainte, he distorted my words.
claon-4, pref. 1. Crooked, sloping, inclined. 2. Perverse, unjust; evil. 3. Oblique, indirect. 4. Plagi(o)-
~ snáthaide, solais, deflexion of needle, of light.
~ ó chúrsa, deviation from course.
~ na gréine, declining of the sun.
Tá an ~ sin ann, he is that way inclined.
~ chun na trócaire, leaning towards mercy.
~ fírinne, creidimh, perversion of truth, of faith.
Tá an cholainn claon, the flesh is weak.
~ a bhriseadh, a chlaonadh, to break a vow.
Creidim ionat
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