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cuing could be a grammatical form of: cue »
cuing, f. (gs. ~e1, pl. ~eacha).1. Yoke. (a) (For oxen, horses) Tá an capall bán ag tabhairt na ~e amach, the white horse is pulling too hard for his team-mate. Ceann ~e a choinneáil le duine, to pull along with s.o., to keep up with s.o. at work. ~ céachta, swingle tree. ~ carbaid, yoke of chariot. (b) (Of oppression) Na boicht a chur faoi chuing, to subject the poor to oppression. Tá sé faoi chuing na cleithe acu, he is completely in their power. Faoi chuing na daoirse, an bhróin, under the yoke of slavery, of sorrow. 2. Bond, obligation. ~ chrábhaidh a ghabháil, to take religious vows, enter religion. ~ an phósta, the marriage yoke, wedlock. Faoi chuing rúin, under a bond of secrecy. ~ a bhriseadh, a chlaonadh, to break a vow. Níl ~ ná ceangal air, he is under no restraint whatever; he has no ties. 3. Tie, beam. ~ meá, beam of balance. 4. Anat:~ an mhuiníl, nape of neck. 5. Geog: Narrow neck of land (as between two lakes). 6. Mus:Typ: Brace. 7. Hist: Harness, defensive armour. 8. Fig: Champion.
Is é mo bhuinneán cuinge é, I am relying on him.
~ coinneála, mainstay.
~ catha, champion in battle.
Tiarna ~, lord protector.
~ ó chuing, ó dhaorsmacht, deliverance from a yoke, from oppression.
~ bráthar faoi aon chuing, a few brethren under one rule.
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