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diallait, f. (gs. ~e, pl. ). Saddle. 1. ~ a chur ar chapall, to saddle a horse. Capall ~e, saddle-horse. Dul sa ~, to get into the saddle, to mount. Duine a chur as an ~, to unseat s.o. An ~ a chur ar an each cóir, to saddle the right horse, put the blame where it belongs. ~ phaca, pack-saddle. 2. Top: Saddle. S.a. díon13 (b), srathair. (Var:diallaid)
~ diallaite, ancaire, inneonach, peak of saddle, anchor, anvil.
Is fearr ~ na srathrach ná iasacht na diallaite, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Cuireadh as ~ na diallaite é, he was thrown out of the saddle.
~ diallaite, pommel of saddle.
~ diallaite, saddle-tree.
~ diallaite, saddle-backed roof.
~ diallaite, arch of saddle.
Tá ~ diallaite air, he is hollow-backed.
1. ~ diallaite, saddle girth.
Gabh de ~ sa diallait, spring into the saddle.
~ diallaite, saddle-bag.
An t~ in áit na diallaite, a poor substitute.
~eadh as an diallait é, he was thrown out of the saddle.
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