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feasta, adv. From now on, henceforth; (with neg.) no more, not any more. Is méanar duit ~, it is well for you from now on. Déan mo chomhairle ~, take my advice for the future. Ba cheart dó ciall a bheith aige ~, it is about time he had sense. Ba chóir go mbeadh siad anseo ~, am ar bith ~, they ought to be here by now, at any time now. Ní fheicfidh tú ~ iad, you will not see them any more. Bí i do thost ~ air, say no more about it. Tabhair mo shuaimhneas dom ~, let me have peace from now on; it is time you let me have peace. ~ choíche, for all future time, evermore; (with neg.) nevermore.
Tá an t-~ againn feasta, we have the long nights from now on.
Ní bheidh mé faoi bhur m~ feasta, I will not be under the lash of your tongues any longer.
Níl ~ agam ar an aimsir feasta, I need not mind the weather any more.
~ a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad? What shall we do now without timber?
~ feasta, from now on.
Ba chóir dó ciall a bheith aige feasta ~, he is old enough now to have sense.
Is í an chill a leaba feasta, he is gone to his last repose.
Tá a chuid fola ag fuarú feasta, he is not so hot-blooded any more.
Tá sé sna fir feasta, he can count himself a man from now on.
Tá sé i ~ na seandaoine feasta, he may be accounted an old person from now on.
Tiocfaidh sé ~ minice feasta, he will come oftener from now on.
~ ar bith feasta, at any moment now.
Tá sé ~ leo feasta, he’ll see no more of them from now on.
Ní ~eann an réal feasta, the sixpenny bit is no longer current.
Caithfidh sé ~adh as a eireaball féin feasta, he must strike out for himself from now on.
Níl mórán ~e ina chnámha feasta, his bones are not very supple any more.
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