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cad1, interr. pron. (Used in direct and indirect questions)1. What. (a) (With copula) ~ is ainm duit? What is your name? ~ is cúis leis? What is the cause of it? ~ ab áil leat díom? What would, do, you want with me? ~ is pósadh ann? What is marriage? (b) (With other verbs) ~ tá ort? What is wrong with you? ~ deir sé? What does he say? ~ (é) deir tú? You don’t tell me so! ~ a bhain duit? What happened you? ~ a dhéanfaimid feasta gan adhmad? What shall we do now without timber? (c) (With prep. pron.) ~ chuige? Why. ~ chuige ar bhuail tú é? Why did you beat him? ~ chuige a bhfuil sé díom? What does he want with me? ~ chuige nach bhfaca tú é? Surely you saw it? Ní bhfuair mé in aon chor é. ~ chuige? I didn’t get it at all. Why? ~ air a raibh sé ag caint? What was he talking about? ~ as duit? Where are you from? ~ as ar tháinig tú? Where did you come from? (d)~ fá? Why? ~ fá ar thréig tú iad? Why did you desert them? (e) (With prep. phrases) ~ mar gheall air? What about it? ~ ina thaobh? (i) What about it? (ii) Why? ~ ar a shon? What for? Wherefore? (f)~ eile? What else. How else? ~ eile mar a déarfainn é? How else should I say it? (As exclamation) ~ eile! Of course! 2. (Combines with é to form interrogative phrase ~ é) What. (a) (Used without verb, copula being understood) ~ é an t-am é? What time is it? ~ é an mhaith é? What good is it? ~ é an locht sin air? What fault is that in him? ~ é a fhios agam? How do I know? S.a. rud 1(c).(b) (With copula) ~ é is cúis leis? What is the cause of it? ~ é is fearr leat? What do you prefer? ~ é ba chóir dom a rá? What should I say, have said? (c) (With other verbs) ~ é tá agat? What have you? ~ é a fuair tú? What did you get? ~ é a bheadh orm gan dul ann? Why should I not go there? (d) (With noun and verb) ~ é an mhaith atá ann? What good is it? ~ é an deireadh a bhí air? What was the end of it? ~ é an deifir atá ort? What is your hurry? ~ é an donas a tháinig ort? What the dickens happened you? ~ é an rud is measa ar bith? What is the worst thing of all? ~ é scéal agat? How are things? ~ é (an) mórtas a bhí air! How proud he was! ~ é an stánadh atá agat orm? Why are you staring at me like that? (e) (As exclamation) ~ é mar olagón! What wailing! 3. (With mar) How. ~ é mar tá tú? How are you? ~ é mar rinne tú é? How did you do it?
cad2 = caid1.
Cad a déarfá le deoch? What would you say to a drink?
Cad é ~ na páirce sin? How far does that park extend?
Cad ab ~ leat díom? What do you want with me?
Cad ab ~ leat á dhéanamh sin? What are you doing that for?
Cá h~ é? Cá h~ dó? Cad is ~ dó? Cén t-~ atá air? What is his name?
Cad é an ~ de bhlianta a chaith sé ann? How many years exactly did he spend there?
Níl a fhios ag duine cad é atá in ~ dó, no man knows what is in store for him.
Cén t-~ é? Cad é an t-~ atá sé? What time is it?
Cad é an tús a bhí air? How did it begin?
Cad is grá ~? What is love?
Cad tá ort? What’s wrong with you?
Cad é an chaint atá ort? What are you talking about?
Níl a fhios agam (go) ~ cad a tharla, I don’t know exactly what happened.
Cad a bhain dó? What happened to him?
Níl a fhios aige cad a bhaineann leis, he knows nothing about it.
Cad é do bharúil air? What do you think of it?
Conas taoi? Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú? Cad é mar tá tú? How are you?
Cad é a dúirt sé? Tá, gur imigh sibh air, what did he say? This, that you went away without him.
Cad é an bhlasachtach atá ort? Why are you licking your chops?
Cad is ~ don fhocal sin? What does that word mean?
Cad é an bhrionglóideach a bhí ort? What were you dreaming about?
Cad é a bhuail é? What came over him?
Cad é atá ar ~? What’s going on?
Cad is ~ leis seo? What is behind all this?
Cad é an ~ atá leis an abairt sin? What is the origin of that phrase?
Cad é an chaint atá ort? What are you talking about? Why talk about that?
Cad é tá ag ~eamh ort? What’s bothering you?
Cad é a dhéanfadh mac an chait ach luch a mharú? Like father like son.
Cad é an ~ mara a sheol anseo é? What mischance brought him here?
Cad tá ar ~? What’s trumps?
Cad é atá ~ lena lámh? What’s the matter with his hand?
Cad chuige? Why?
Cad chuige sin? Why that? Why so?
Cad chuige ar imigh tú? Why did you go away?
Cad chuige nach suíonn tú? Why don’t you sit down?
Cad chuige a bhfuil sé díom? What does he want with me?
Cad é is ~ dó imeacht mar sin? What prompted him to go away like that?
Cad é na ~ a tháinig ort? What came over, possessed, you?
Cad é ba chiontaí leis sin? What was the cause of that?
Cad a chlog é? What o’clock is it?
Cad é an ~ atá ort? Why are you so testy?
Cad is ~ dó anois? How is the world treating him now?
Cad é an chosúlacht iad? What do they look like?
Cad é an ~ atá ort? What are you murmuring, muttering, about?
Cad é atá ag cur as duit? What’s bothering you?
Is ~ cad é dúirt sé, no matter what he said.
Cad é an chumhacht atá aigesean? What authority, influence, has he got?
Cad é an ~ atá agat leis sin? What is your object in that?
Cad ab áil leat díom? What do you want with me?
Cad é atá le ~amh? What is to be done?
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