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gairm could be a grammatical form of: gair »
gairm1, f. (gs. as s. ~e, as vn. -rthe; pl. ~eacha). 1. vn. of gair2. 2. Call. (a)~ na cuaiche, the cuckoo’s call. Le ~ na gcoileach, at cock-crow. Mil:An ghairm dheiridh, the last post. Níl ann ach ~ in aghaidh gaoithe, it is only a waste of breath. (b) Summons. ~ a chur ar dhuine, to summon, send for, s.o. ~ scoile, convocation. ~ slógaidh, call to arms, mobilization. ~ choiteann a thabhairt, to give a general invitation; to issue a general proclamation. ~ ar ais, recall, revocation. S.a. guth 1(d).(c) Name, title; inaugural proclamation. ~ rí, uaisleachta, title of king, of nobility. ~ easpaig a thabhairt do dhuine, to inaugurate s.o. as a bishop. 3. Calling. (a) Divine call, vocation. Tá ~ ó Dhia aige, he has a call from God. ~ chrábhaidh, religious vocation. ~(chun) na sagartachta, call to the priesthood. Ní raibh an ghairm i ndán dó, he was not destined to be called. (b) Profession, occupation. Do ghairm bheatha, one’s mission in life; one’s occupation. Is é a ghairm é, it is his calling. Tá ~ dochtúra aige, he is a doctor by profession. Na ~eacha léannta, the learned professions. Do ghairm a chleachtadh, to follow one’s trade. 4. Acclaim. ~ a bheith faoi do choinne ag daoine, to be acclaimed, welcomed, by people. Mo ghairm thú! Bravo!
gairm2 = gair2.
~eadh amach gairm chugainn, a call was sent out to us.
Gairm ~a, profession of medicine.
An chuach ag ~m, the cuckoo calling.
~m ar dhuine, to call upon, summon, s.o.
Ceird, gairm, na ~a, the art, profession, of writing.
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