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airm could be a grammatical form of: arm »
airm1, s. Place. (Used adv.) ~ a bhfuil, a place where there is.
airm2 :arm1.
Airm a aisiompú, to reverse arms.
Ach nach raibh ~ airm acu, but that they had no arms, that they were unarmed.
Airm a ardú, to trail arms.
Lucht airm, armed men.
Faoi iomlán airm, fully armed.
Ag iompar airm in ~ an diabhail, bearing arms in the service of the devil.
~ airm, weapon-play.
~ airm, army commander.
I g~ airm, in command of an army.
~ airm, body of troops in close formation.
Airm ar ~, arms at slope.
Airm a chlaonadh, to slope arms.
~ airm, gaile, feat of arms, of valour.
~ airm, catha, flank of army, of battle.
~ airm, armlóin, eitilte, faisnéise, leighis, taidhleoireachta, army, army service, flying, intelligence, medical, diplomatic, corps.
~ airm a chur ar áit, to put an armed guard on a place.
~ airm, stack of arms.
~ airm, court-martial.
~ airm agus éide, (outfit of) arms and uniform.
~ airm, withdrawal of army.
~ (airm), cadet.
~ airm, the bloodying of weapons; armed attack. (Of horse)
Airm agus ~ agus éide, arms and equipment and uniform.
Airm a fhódú, to ground arms.
Airm a ghabháil, to take arms.
~ airm, armour-bearer.
Airm a chur le ~, to shoulder arms.
I gceannas an airm, in command of the army.
~ airm, the employment of a weapon.
~aigí airm! Ground arms!
~ díot d’airm, lay aside your arms.
~ (airm), major.
Airm mhionchró, small-bore arms.
Ghabh siad ~ an airm, they encircled the army.
3. ~ airm, cabhlaigh, aerfhórsa, army, naval, air-force, officer.
~ airm, military policeman.
Gluaiseacht airm, bataire, a ~t, to screen troop movements, a battery.
~ airm, wing of army.
2. ~ mhíleata, airm, military, army, service.
Suígí airm! Order arms!
2. ~ airm, item of military equipment.
Níl ~ airm againn, we haven’t a single weapon.
Ní dheachaigh ~ airm thar lear, not one armed man went overseas.
Airm a thaispeáint, to port arms.
~ an airm, the van of the army.
~ an airm, the van of the army.
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