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Similar words: iamhar · iarmar · iarmhír · iarthar · ármhar
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iarmhar, m. (gs. -air).1. Progeny, posterity. Bheith gan ó gan ~, to be childless, without issue. 2. (a) Remainder, remnant; residue. Le h~ mo nirt, with the remainder of my strength; with what little strength I have left. Níl fágtha ach an t-~, there is nothing left but scraps. (b)(gs. as attrib. a.) Last, remaining. An fear iarmhair, the last man. Fear iarmhair a chine, the last survivor of his race. An líon iarmhair, the stern net. 3. (a) Changeling. (b) Weak ailing person. 4 = iarmhaireacht.
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