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iarthar1, m. (gs. & npl. -air, gpl. ~).1. West, western part, western region. ~ Éireann, the West of Ireland. ~ Eorpa, Western Europe. Fir an Iarthair, the men of the West. Lit:Róimh iarthair bheatha, the Rome of the western world. 2. Back; back, remote, part. In ~ an tí, na huaimhe, at the back of the house, of the cave. Faoi ~ na leapa, under the back of the bed. ~ an charbaid, the back of the chariot. In ~ a chinn, at the back of his head. In ~ dúiche, in a remote part of the district. Sna hiarthair seo, in these backward places. 3. Posterior.
iarthar-2 = iar-22.
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