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iarsma, m. (gs. ~, pl. ).1. Remainder, remnant; (pl.) relics, remains. An t-~ anama atá ionam, what little of life remains in me. Níl fágtha ach ~ den bhia, there are only scraps of the food left. ~í an tseansaoil, the relics of the past. ~í iontaiseacha, fossilized remains. 2. Survivor, surviving progeny. A n-iarsmaí nó a sliocht, their survivors or descendants. Beidh sé gan ~ ina dhiaidh, there will be no one to come after him. Lit:Beidh ~ i mbliana ar Ghráinne Mhaol, Granuaile’s descendants will rise up this year. 3. After-effect; ill-effect, (evil) consequence. ~í galair, an Drochshaoil, the after-effects of a disease, of the Famine. ~ an drochbhirt, the consequence of an evil deed. 4. Mark, trace. ~ cneá, trace of wound. Ní fhacamar ~ díobh, we saw no trace of them. Buille a d’fhág ~ air, a blow that left its mark on him. 5. Resultant burden, encumbrance. Chuir sé ~ air féin lena chaiteachas, his spending led him into debt. 6. Hansel, new-year’s gift. Fógraím m’~ ort! What about my new-year’s gift? F:Lá na n-iarsmaí, New Year’s Day. (Var:f; ~ir f, ~ire f, ~r m)
Is fada siar iarsma an drochbhirt, the evil that men do lives after them.
Iarsmaí iontaisithe, fossilized remains.
Iarsmaí ~a, continuing effects.
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