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Tá an sioc, an leac oighir, ag ~adh, the frost, the ice, is yielding.
~ oighir, ice-breaker.
An ~ a bhriseadh, to break the ice.
~ oighir, sheet of ice; sheet ice.
~ reoiteoige, ice-cream cone.
Tháinig an choscairt ar an leac oighir, the ice began to break up, to thaw.
~ na cré, an tseaca, na cruach, the coldness of clay, of ice, of steel.
~ oighir, ice-hockey.
4. ~ oighir, (sheet of) ice.
Ag sleamhnú ar an ~ oighir, sliding on the ice.
~ oighir, ice-bag.
~ gráinneach, grinnill, leacach, síobáin, granular, ground-, pancake, drift-, ice.
~ bloscaidh, cat-ice.
Bruach oighir, ice-bank.
Uisce oighir, ice-water.
~ uisce, water-ice.
Mála oighir, ice-bag.
~ oighir, ice-axe.
Ag ~ ar leac oighir, running on (thin) ice.
~ seaca, sneachta, ice-, snow-, blink.
~ oighir, thin coating of ice.
~adh ar leac oighir, to slip on ice.
Ag sleamhnú ar an leac oighir, sliding on the ice.
~í oighir, frazil (ice).
~ reoite, ice-cream.
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