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imirt could be a grammatical form of: imir »
imirt, f. (gs. imeartha). 1. vn. of imir2. 2. Playing, play. (a) (Of game) ~ cluiche, the playing of, the method of playing, a game. Páirc, culaith, imeartha, playing-field, -outfit. ~ cártaí, peile, card-, football-, playing. Cárta imeartha, playing-card. Clár imeartha, playing-board, -table. Fig: Field of action. Cé leis (an) ~? Whose turn is it to play? Prov:Den ~ an coimhéad, forewarned is forearmed. Bíonn cead cainte ag fear caillte na himeartha, it is a loser’s privilege to make excuses. S.a. céile1. (b) (Of gambling) Teach imeartha, gaming-house. Fiacha imeartha, gambling debts. Geall imeartha, stake in game, gambling stake. Bhí sé ina gheall imeartha ag an saol, he was the sport of fortune. Prov:Is fearr mac le h~ ná mac le hól, better a son a gambler than a son a drunkard. S.a. anam 2. (c) (Of pranks) Cén ~ atá agaibh air? Why are you playing pranks on him, annoying him? (d) (Of play of light) ~ na gréine ar an uisce, the sun playing on the water. 3. (a) Use, employment. ~ airm, the employment of a weapon. (b) Exercise, performance. ~ carthanachta, the exercise of friendship. (c) Infliction. ~ feirge, faltanais, the venting of spleen, of spite. (d)Lit: Control, management. ~ each agus carbad, control of horses and chariots.
~ imeartha, stakes (in gambling).
Troid go himirt ~a, war to the knife.
Tá tú as an imirt, you are out of the game.
Ag imirt ~, playing hurling.
Ag imirt a bháire ~e, sowing his wild oats.
Ag imirt ~ sop, casting lots (with straws).
Ag caitheamh, ag imirt, ~í, bowling, playing bowls.
~ imeartha, gaming-table.
3. ~ a imirt, to play forfeits.
~ a dhéanamh, a imirt, ar dhuine, ar rud, to take liberties with s.o., sth.
Ag imirt cleas a m~, playing their mad pranks.
~ cainte, imeartha, oibre, worthless talk, play, work.
Ag bualadh, ag imirt, ~e, playing football.
Imirt cháidheach, dirty play.
Ag imirt caidhtí, playing quoits.
Fear caillte na himeartha, the loser (of game, of contest).
Bhí ~ míosa acu gan an bás a imirt orthu, they had a month’s respite from execution.
Ag ~eamh le himirt is ag ~eamh le hól, wasting money on gambling and drink. (ii) (Of care, energy, etc.)
An ~ a imirt ar dhuine, to play false with s.o.
1. ~ (imeartha), (playing-)card.
~í a imirt, to play cards.
Cé leis (an) imirt? Whose turn is it to play?
~ imeartha, staidéir, taistil, permission to play, to study, to travel.
Ag imirt ~í ar a chéile, dallying, sporting, with one another.
~ imeartha, opponent in game.
An cluiche ~ a imirt ar dhuine, to deceive s.o.
Rud a shocrú ar chlár na himeartha, ar cheann cláir, to settle sth. at the gaming-table, on the spot.
~ a imirt ar dhuine, to play a trick on s.o.
~a imeartha, scríbhneoireachta, na ceirde, tricks of play, of writing, of the trade.
~ a imirt, a bhaint, a chailleadh, to play, win, lose, a game.
Ag imirt cnaipí, playing (cards, etc.) for buttons.
Do chnaipí a imirt, to play one’s cards, try one’s tricks.
Den imirt an ~, forewarned is forearmed.
An cluiche, an imirt, a choimhéad, to watch the game, the play.
~ imeartha, scéalaíochta, playing, story-telling, competition.
Is é a chuid den saol a bheith ag imirt, his only interest is in gambling.
5. ~ imeartha, leadóige, playing-, tennis-, court.
~ imeartha, playing equipment; pack of playing-cards.
~ a imirt le duine, to show kindred feeling towards s.o.; to show partiality for s.o.
An ~ a imirt, to follow suit.
~ oibre, imeartha, snámha, working, playing, swimming, facilities.
Tá siad i n~ a bheith ag imirt, they have just been playing.
~ a dhéanamh, a imirt, ar dhuine, to take vengeance on s.o.
~ (imeartha), die.
Díslí a imirt, a chaitheamh, to play, cast, dice.
Imirt ~, to play single-handed.
Ag imirt ~, playing singly.
Éirí as obair, as imirt, to quit work, playing.
~ imeartha, playground.
Ag imirt faltanais ar a chéile, spiting each other.
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