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ionad, m. (gs. & npl. -aid, gpl. ~). Place. 1. (a) Recognized or appointed place, position. ~ coinne, trysting-place, rendezvous. ~ faire, watching-place. ~ cosanta, defence post. ~ dídine, place of refuge. ~ catha, scene of battle. ~ troda, fight venue. ~ siamsa, place of amusement. ~ saoire, holiday resort. ~ léinn, centre of learning. Nau:~ comhraic, action station. ~ tine, fireplace. ~ aicíde, plague spot. Rud a chur ina ~ féin, to put sth. in its proper place. Cuir an bia in ~ a chaite, set the food on the table, serve the food. As ~, out of place; out of joint. Cuireadh as a n-ionaid iad, they were moved from their places. Tá a ghualainn as ~, his shoulder is dislocated. (b) Site. ~ tí, site of house. (c) Mark, trace. ~ iomaire, trace of ridge. ~ coise sa ghaineamh, footprint in the sand. (d) Particular part (in book). In ~ eile sna Soiscéil, in another part of the Gospels. San ~ thuas, in the above passage. (e) Natural, native, place. Lit:An tír seo ní hí m’~, this country is not my homeland. (f) Space. ~ dhá bhó, place for two cows. 2. Station, rank, post. (a)~ ard a bhaint amach, to attain a high place. A ~ sa saol, his station in life. Lit:Cuireadh in ~ ríona í, she was given a place befitting a princess. (b)Tá ~ sa Dáil aige, he has a seat in the Dáil. Fuair sí ~ aimsire, she got a position as a servant. 3. Substitution, succession. ~ duine, ruda, a dhéanamh, to take the place of s.o., sth. Rud a chur in ~ ruda eile, to substitute one thing for another. Déanfaidh sé ~ boird (dúinn), it will do (us) for a table. Rinne sí ~ máthar dó, she was like a mother to him. Tá tú ag déanamh ~ do choda féin de, you are treating it as if it were your own. Tháinig sé i m’~, he came in my place. Fear ionaid, deputy. Fear ionaid rí, viceroy. Fear ionaid Chríost ar talamh, Christ’s vicar on earth. 4. (a)In ~, in place of, instead of. In ~ labhairt liom, instead of speaking to me. In ~ a mhic, instead of his son. (b)Lit: In return for. In ~ marfa a dhá iníon, as indemnity for the killing of his two daughters. Bó ar ~ bó, a cow for a cow. (Var:pl. ~a, ~acha)
Lá, ionad, coinníollacha, a ainmniú, to specify a day, a place, conditions.
~ an ceann seo ina ionad, substitute this one for it.
Ionad duine a dhéanamh, to take, act in, s.o.’s place.
Ionad ~a, manufacturing centre.
~ ionaid, deputy.
~ ionaid Chríost, Christ’s vicar.
Go gcuire Dia an líonadh in ionad an fholmhaithe chugat, may God increase rather than diminish your store.
Ghabhamar ionad cosanta, we took up a defensive position.
Ionad a ghreamú duit féin, to secure a place for oneself.
~ ionaid, shift of ground.
~eadh dó an t-ionad, he was told how to find the place.
Cuir ina n-ionaid féin faoi ~ iad, put them in their respective places.
Páipéar, ionad, vótála, voting-paper, polling-booth.
Creidim ionat
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