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dona1, a3. 1. Unfortunate, unlucky. Duine ~, unfortunate person. Is ~ (mar) a d’éirigh dó, it was an unfortunate occurrence for him, it was hard luck on him. Is ~ an scéal é, it is a sad state of affairs. Ba dhona an chomhairle dó é, he was ill-advised. Bhí sé ina sheasamh ansin go ndearna Dia duine ~ de, he stood there until he looked like a lost soul. S.a. fág25. 2. Bad. (a) Poor, wretched. Rud ~, poor sort of thing. Tá an aimsir go ~, the weather is very bad. Is ~ an leithscéal é, it is a poor excuse. Is ~ a bharúil dínn, he has a rather poor opinion of us. Is ~ a rinne sé é, it was a poor thing for him to do. Is ~ an rud nach fiú aire a thabhairt dó, it is a poor thing that is not worth minding. ~ go leor! Tá go ~! Too bad! (b) (Of ill-health, injury, etc.) Bheith go ~, to be seriously ill. Tá sé go ~ inniu, he is bad today. Tá sé ag breathnú go ~, he looks bad. Loiteadh go ~ é, he was badly hurt. Chuaigh sé go ~ dó, it affected him badly. (c)Olc maith nó ~, good bad or indifferent. (d)Is ~ a chreidfí é sin, it would be difficult to believe that. Is ~ a bhí sé in ann seasamh, he was scarcely able to stand.
dona2 = don1.
dona3 = 4.
Go dona ag an Laidin, ag an léann, poor at Latin, learning.
Is dona mar a chaith mé mo bheart ina measc, I got on very badly with them.
Bhí an aimsir go dona, the weather was wretched.
Is dona do dháimh, there is little fellow-feeling in you.
D’~ go dona dom, I met with misfortune.
Is dona a ~adh thú nár chuir tú an báire, you let yourself down badly when you didn’t score the goal.
Tá seisean gach aon, gach uile, ~ chomh dona leo, he is every bit as bad as them.
Nach dona an ~ a bhí ann, he didn’t put up much of a struggle, didn’t last long.
Is dona an ~ a rinne siad, they put up a poor resistance.
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