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Aithinne, splanc, a bhaint as cloch, to knock a spark out of a stone.
Chaith sé as mo lámh é, he knocked it out of my hand.
B’fhéidir go bhfágfainn ~ ort, I might knock sparks out of you.
Chuir sé ~ ghoile ionam, it knocked the wind out of me.
~ a bhaint as duine, to knock a tooth out of s.o.’s mouth.
Bhí siad ag brú na b~ as a chéile, they were knocking the stuffing out of one another.
2. ~ a bhaint as rud, to make sth. flash; to knock a spark out of sth.
Bainfidh siad na ~eacha as a chéile, they will knock the stuffing out of one another.
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