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bain as, v.t. & i. 1. Take, remove, from. An mhaith, an t-olc, an bhrí, a bhaint as rud, to take the good, the harm, the strength, out of sth. An ghoimh a bhaint as rud, to take the venom out of sth. An bród, an leisce, an cotadh, a bhaint as duine, to take the pride, the laziness, the shyness, out of s.o. ~ as mo thuarastal é, deduct it from my salary. ~ do lámh as do phóca, take your hand out of your pocket. ~ greim as an arán, toit as do phíopa, take a bite of the bread, a smoke of your pipe. Bhain sé an dealg as mo chos, he removed the thorn from my foot. ~eadh an tsúil as, he lost an eye. Bhain tú as mo bhéal é, you took the words out of my mouth. ~ do rogha astu, take your pick of them. ~ as a chéile iad, take them apart. Ná ~ as a ainm é, don’t miscall him. 2. Get from, make of. Beatha a bhaint as an talamh, to make a living out of the land. Siúcra a bhaint as biatas, to extract sugar from beet. Úsáid, buntáiste, a bhaint as rud, to make use, take advantage, of sth. Taca a bhaint as, to use it as a support. Is doiligh ciall a bhaint as, it is hard to make sense of it. 3. Get out of. Obair, comhrá, sásamh, a bhaint as duine, to get work, conversation, satisfaction, out of s.o. Casadh, fáscadh, bascadh, a bhaint as rud, to twist, squeeze, bash, sth. Aithinne, splanc, a bhaint as cloch, to knock a spark out of a stone. Macalla a bhaint as na cnoic, to get an echo from the hills. Gail a bhaint as uisce, to bring water to the boil. Bhain sé gáire asam, he made me laugh. ~eadh na deora aisti, she was moved to tears. ~eadh asam é, I was provoked into saying it. ~fidh mé sin asat, I’ll make you pay for that. Níl siad ach ag ~t asat, they are only drawing you out, pulling your leg. ~eadh mealladh as, he was deceived. 4. Draw out, prolong. Fad, síneadh, a bhaint as rud, to lengthen, stretch, sth. ~ as an airgead, use the money sparingly. ~fidh mé tamall as, it will do me for a while. Bhain sé seachtain asam é a dhéanamh, it took me a week to do it. ~fidh mé coicís as Cill Airne, I’ll spend a fortnight in Killarney. S.a. 3, seal 2. 5. Make off. Bhain sé as (amach); bhain sé na cosa as; bhain sé as na cosa, na boinn, é, he ran away as fast as he could. 6. (a)(Of fish) Gut. (b)(Of fowl) Draw. (c)(Of animal) Castrate. 7. ~eadh lao aisti, she dropped a calf (prematurely).
Níl aon ~ iontu, le baint astu, they are of no use.
Bain as do phóca é, take it out of your pocket.
Bain do rogha astu, take your choice of them.
Bain a leath as, take away one half of it.
Bain as, be off.
1. ~ siar as an airgead, use the money sparingly.
Níl ~ le baint as, nothing will move him.
Bain ~ as, take a sup of it.
~ ar do rothar agus bain as, get up on your bicycle and be off.
Bain ~ as an roth, give the wheel a turn.
Ná bain ~ as mo chuid cainte, don’t twist my words.
Bain tarraingt do chinn as, take a good draught of it.
Bain as a chéile iad, take them apart.
Bain do chrúcáin asam, stop pawing at me.
Gach lá ag baint a chuid féin asainn, each day taking its toll of us.
Bain do dhúil as, take all you want of it; satisfy your craving for it.
Ag baint ~a asam, taking advantage of me.
Baineann sé ~ as na focail, he pauses on, he drawls out, the words.
Ná bain ~ as an scéal, don’t drag out the story.
Baineann siad ~ as an bpingin, they make a penny go a long way.
Bain as ~ an choca é, take it out of the bottom of the cock.
Ag baint lae as, (i) whiling away the time, (ii) getting along somehow.
Bain an ~ as do dhroim, straighten your back.
Bain as an ~ dó é, give it to him out of the kitty; pay him off.
Is iomaí ~ a bhaineann an saol as duine, the world is full of woe.
Bain an ~ as an seol, take the sprit out of the sail (to lower it).
Bain do ~ as, take what you need of it.
Bain as an ~ é, slacken it.
Bain do ~ astu, take your pick of them.
Bain do shásamh as, take what you want of it.
Ná bí ag baint ~anna as an arán, don’t bite, tear, off chunks of the bread.
Bain ~ as, take a swig of it.
Bain ~ as do chnámha, exercise your bones.
Tá sibh ag baint spóirt asam, you are making sport of me.
Bain ~ maith as, give it a good tug.
Bain ~ as, take a swig from it.
Bhí an ghrian ag baint na súl asam, I was dazzled by the sun.
Ná bain a shult as, don’t take the good out of it.
Bain ~ as an tae, let the tea draw a while.
Bain do tharraingt as, take what you want of it.
Bain greim tástála as an arán, take a bite of the bread to taste it.
Bain do thoil as, take as much of it as you want.
Ag baint ~e as an talamh, pounding the earth.
Bhí siad ag baint ~e as a chéile, they were trouncing each other.
Ná bí ag baint troda as, don’t pick quarrels with him.
Bhí siad ag baint ~e as an urlár, they were pounding the floor.
Ag baint ~e as an long, making the ship lurch.
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