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laige could be a grammatical form of: lag »
laige. 1. f. (gs. ~, pl. -gí).(a) Weakness. ~ an duine, human frailty. ~ na colainne, weakness of the body, of the flesh. ~ na ngéag, na gcéadfaí, feebleness of the limbs, of the senses. ~ intinne, weakness of mind. ~ cumaisc, weakness of mixture. ~ gutha, weakness of voice. ~ argóinte, weakness of argument. ~ solais, dimness of light. ~ gruaige, lankness of hair. An áit a bhfuil an ~, where the weakness lies. (b) Tender youth. Chothaigh sé iad ó ~ go neart, he provided for them from childhood to maturity. Bhí siad mar sin ó ~ go neart, they were like that both as children and adults, all their lives. (c) Faint, swoon. Dul, titim, i ~, to faint, to go off in a swoon. Tagann laigí uirthi, she is subject to fainting fits. Teacht as ~, to come out of a swoon. Bhí ~ chabhlach orm leis an ocras, I was faint from hunger. 2. gsf. & comp. of lag2. (Var. of 1:~acht f)
Dá mbeadh tart, ocras, laige, ar dhuine, if one were thirsty, hungry, weak.
An bhige agus an laige, smallness and weakness.
Bhí laige chabhlach orm leis an ocras, I was faint from hunger.
Chuir sé an laige sin de, he recovered from that weakness.
Tá ~ ionam le laige, my bones are creaking from debility.
Bhí sí i ~ dul i laige, she looked as if she was about to faint.
Tá an bhean a bhí i laige ag teacht thart, the woman who swooned is coming round.
~im i laige, to faint.
Creidim ionat
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