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leatrom1, m. (gs. -oim).1. Uneven weight, uneven balance. Tá ~ san, ar an, ualach, the load is overweighted on one side, lopsided. Fulaing an ~ dom, bear up the heavy side for me. Tá ~ ar cheann de na capaill aige, he is putting an undue strain on one of the horses. 2. Unevenness, inequality; oppression, affliction. ~ suain, uneven, uneasy, sleep. ~ na haoise, the afflictions of old age. ~ a dhéanamh ar dhuine, to cause undue distress to s.o.; to wrong s.o. ~ar na boicht, oppression of the poor. Faoi ~, distressed, afflicted. ~ a leasú, to redress a grievance. 3. Bowls: Bias. (Var:leatroime f, ~acht f, ~adh m)
~ agus leatrom, sorrow and oppression.
~ is leatrom, poverty and affliction.
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