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lom1, m. (gs. loim). 1. Bare thing, bareness. ~ an chirt a thabhairt do dhuine, to do bare justice to s.o. ~ na fírinne, the naked truth. ~ an donais, rank bad luck. Le ~ diabhlaíochta, out of pure devilment. 2. Openness, exposure. (Ar) ~ an urláir, an bhóthair, an mhachaire, na farraige, (on) the open floor, road, plain, sea. Tá sé ina ~ trá, the tide is fully out. Idir an lag is an ~, at low water, between ebb and flow. Faoi ~ na gaoithe, exposed to the wind. Bhí ~ na gaoithe orainn, the wind was dead against us. 3. Opening for attack. An ~ a fháil ar dhuine, to get a chance at s.o. 4. Nakedness, poverty. ~ is leatrom, poverty and affliction. Mo ~! Alas! 5. Ar ~, bare, without trimmings. Rud a ithe ar ~, to eat sth. dry, without condiment. Chuir sé a bhróga ar ~ air, he put on his shoes without stockings. Cards:Cuireata ar ~, lone knave. 6. De ~, on purpose.
lom2, a1. 1. Bare. (a)Tír ~, bare, bleak, country. ~ó chrainn, bare of trees. Páirc ~, bare, close-cropped, field. Ar an talamh ~, on the bare ground. San úir ~, in the bare earth. Chomh ~ le mo bhos, le croí mo bhoise, as bare as the palm of my hand. (b)Teach ~, bare, unfurnished, unstocked, house. Ballaí ~a, bare walls. (c)Éadach ~, threadbare clothing. Meamram ~, thin parchment. ~ caite, bare and worn. (d)Caora ~, shorn sheep. Coirce ~, husked, clean, oats. (e)Lann ~, bare, unsheathed, blade. Teanga ~, sharp tongue. Breitheamh ~, strict judge. (f)An fhírinne ~, the naked truth. Cuntas ~, bare, unadorned, account. Stíl ~, bald style. (g)Eiteach ~, flat refusal. Chuir sé ina luí go ~ orm é, he made it quite plain to me. (h)Bheith ~ dealbh, to be utterly destitute. Tá do dhóthain go ~ ann, it is barely enough for you. (i)Cards:Cuireata ~, unguarded knave. S.a. léarscáil. 2. Thin. (a)Duine, ainmhí, ~, thin, spare, person, animal. Ceathrúna ~a, lean quarters. (b)Leite ~, thin porridge. Bainne ~, skim milk. Chomh ~ leis an uisce, as dilute as water. 3. Close. (a)Gruaig, ingne, a bhearradh go ~, to cut hair, nails, closely. Beir go ~ air, get a close grip on him. (b)~ar, chun, close to, against. Dul ~ ar an ngaoth, chun na gaoithe, to sail close to the wind. Bhí an ghaoth ~ orainn, the wind was against us. Lean siad go ~ orainn, they followed us closely. (c)~le, open to. Tá an áit seo ~ le gach uile aird ghaoithe, this place is open to every wind. 4. (Used intensively with other adjective or with adverb) ~ díreach, straight, direct; right away. Go ~ láidir, right forcefully. Bheith ~ dáiríre, to be in dead earnest. ~ láithreach, there and then; right now.
lom3, v.t. & i. (pp. ~tha). 1. Lay bare; strip, denude. Páirc a ~adh, to crop, mow, a field closely. Caora a ~adh, to shear a sheep. ~ sé mé, he fleeced me. Teach a ~adh, to strip a house. An clár a ~adh, to sweep the board. ~ sé an t-aon orm, (i) he beat my ace, (ii) he left me with an unprotected ace. 2. Become bare. ~adh sna cnámha, to become bare-boned. Tá sé ag ~adh sa cheann, he is getting thin on top. Na coillte ag ~adh, the forests becoming denuded. 3. (a)Seol, scód, a ~adh, to haul in a sail, a sheet. (b)~adh (isteach) ar dhuine, to close in on s.o.; to attack s.o. ~aigí orthu! Have at them!
~ bearrtha, lom, skim-milk.
Níl ann ach na ~í fuara, na ~í loma, there is nothing but the bare walls.
~ lom, thin porridge, gruel.
Lom ~, in real earnest.
Ag ~áil lom ar an ngaoth, sailing close to the wind.
Dul lom ar an n~, to sail close to the wind.
~ baill, ~ bonn; lom ~, on the spot, instantly.
Tháinig loime na ~ orthu, they became impoverished.
Ar an ~ lom, on the bare ground.
Chomh lom leis an ~, as bare as a rock.
~ lom, skeletal map.
~ lom an Bhíobla, the plain text of the Bible.
~ uisce, leanna, sip of water, of ale.
Mír is ~, bit and sup.
~ na tíre, bareness, bleakness, of the countryside.
~ éadaigh, threadbareness, scantiness, of clothing.
~ géag, bareness, thinness, of limbs.
~ beatha, meagreness of living standard.
~ stíle, baldness of style.
~ teanga, sharpness of tongue.
~ gaoithe, bleakness of wind; openness to wind.
~ caorach, sheep-shearing.
~ eaglaise, despoliation of church.
~ an Luain, unlucky undertaking, misfortune.
Mo ~ Luain! Woe is me!
An leá Dia agus an ~, the ne’er-do-well and the utterly destitute.
Folamh, glan, lom, ó, empty, clear, bare, of.
Is mó an torann ná an ~ (mar a dúirt an chaora leis an ngabhar a bhí á lomadh), much cry and little wool (as the sheep said of the goat being shorn).
~ (lom, dearg) orthu! Blast them!
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