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mear1, a. (gsm. ~, gsf. & comp. mire, npl. ~a). 1. Quick, fast, nimble, lively, spirited. Rith ~, quick run. Chomh ~ is a bhí ina chosa, as fast as his legs could carry him. Capall ~, fast, spirited, horse. Tuile mhear, rapid flood. Súil mhear, quick, glancing, eye. Tá sé ~ láidir fós, he is still active and strong. 2. Precipitate, hasty, rash; quick-tempered, fiery. Gníomh ~, rash deed. Tá tallann ~ ann, he takes sudden fits of temper. 3. Lit:(a) Mad, crazy. (b) Furious, raging, mad angry. S.a. moing 5.
mear2 =mearaigh.
Bhí sé ina chaor bhuile, mhire, he was raging mad.
~ chráite, mhire, mhallaithe, mharfach, torturous, raging, unholy, consuming, desire.
~ buile, mire, madman.
Tá sé ina ghealt bhuile (mhire, nimhe), he is stark mad.
~ na hainnise, na déirce, na mire, miserly, beggarly, mad, fellow.
Go mear ~! Quick march!
Níl ~ ná mire air, he is under no illusion as to what he is doing.
Bheith ar ~, to be mad; to be in a frenzy.
Bhí sé ar ~ linn, he was furious with us.
Dul ar ~, to go mad; to go into a rage.
Tháinig ~ air, he became frantic.
Duine a chur ar ~, to drive s.o. mad; to infuriate s.o.
Fear ~, madman.
Madra ~, mad dog.
~ mhear, hemlock.
~ moinge mire, hemlock-seed.
Ar steallaí (dearga) meisce, mire, raging drunk, mad.
Chuaigh sé ar mire, he went mad.
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