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nocht could be a grammatical form of: ocht »
nocht1, m. (gs. & npl. noicht, gpl. ~). 1. Naked person; scantily clad person. S.a. bocht1. 2. Art: Nude.
nocht2, a. (gsm. ~, gsf. & comp. noichte, npl. ~a).Naked; bare, exposed.
nocht3, v.t. & i. (pp. ~a). 1. (a) Bare, strip, uncover. Do chorp a ~adh, to bare one’s body. ~ do cheann, uncover your head. ~ sé é féin go craiceann, he stripped himself to the skin. Fiacla a ~adh, to bare teeth. Cábla a ~adh, to strip a cable. Claíomh a ~adh, to unsheathe a sword. An charraig a ~adh, to lay bare the rock. Taisce a ~adh, to unearth a treasure. (b)Phot: Expose. Pláta a ~adh, to expose a plate. (c)(Ceremonial) Unveil. Dealbh a ~adh, to unveil a statue. (d) Make known, reveal, disclose. Rún a ~adh, to reveal a secret. ~ an fhírinne dúinn, let us know the truth. Níor ~ sé a intinn ar an scéal, he didn’t disclose his mind on the matter. (e) Skin. Rón a ~adh, to skin a seal. 2. Become visible, appear. ~ an long ag bun na spéire, the ship appeared on the horizon. ~ sé chugainn sa doras, he appeared to us in the doorway. ~ an taibhse, the ghost appeared. ~ann na carraigeacha le lag trá, the rocks become exposed at low tide. B’álainn an radharc a ~ romhainn, a beautiful view opened out before us. D’fhan sé gur ~ an ghrian ar an aer, he waited until the sun appeared in the sky.
An ~ is an nocht, the poor and the naked.
Fáilte roimh bhocht is nocht, everybody is welcome (regardless of circumstances).
A ndála a nochtadh, to reveal their circumstances.
Nocht sé an beo ~, it laid bare the raw flesh.
Nochtann grá ~, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
~ meirgí, unfolding of banners.
~ radhairc, opening out of view.
~ rúin, disclosure of secret.
~ scannáin, exposure of film.
~ leachta, unveiling of monument.
~ mígheanasach, indecent exposure.
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