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bocht could be a grammatical form of: ocht »
bocht1, m. (gs. & npl. boicht, gpl. ~).Poor person. Na boicht, the poor. An ~ is an nocht, the poor and the naked. Fáilte roimh bhocht is nocht, everybody is welcome (regardless of circumstances). S.a. buí1. Ní minic a bhíos ~ greannmhar, the poor man’s jokes are seldom appreciated. Nuair a théann ~ go hursain is mian leis dul go gabhal éadain, put a beggar on horseback and he will ride to the devil. Boicht Dé, God’s poor. Bheith ar bhoicht Dé (le pian, etc.), to be in a bad way, in distress (with pain, etc.). Dlí, ráta, teach, na m~, poor-law, -rate, -house. (Var:npl. ~a)
bocht2, a1. Poor. 1. (Of circumstances) Daoine ~a, poor people. Mac, iníon, an duine bhoicht, poor man’s son, daughter. Fear ~, poor man; beggar-man. Chomh ~ leis an deoir, as poor as a church mouse. Shílfeá nach bhfuil aon duine ~ ar a chine, ar a dhream, (of boaster) ‘one would think by him that he has no poor relations’, (i) he talks big, (ii) he is highly elated at his success. S.a. béal 1(b).2. (Of quality, condition) Áit bhocht, poor place; unattractive place. Aimsir bhocht, miserable weather. Talamh ~, unproductive land. Culaith bhocht, shabby suit. Leithscéal ~, poor, insufficient, excuse. Obair bhocht, poor work; disagreeable work. Beithíoch ~, beast in poor condition; thin beast. Pian bhocht, bad, distressing, pain. Tá cos bhocht air, his leg is in a bad state (with injury). Is ~ a labhair sé, he spoke badly, made a poor speech. Is ~ an scéal é, it is a sad state of affairs. Is ~ an feic é, he is a sorry sight. Is ~ an rud mealladh a bhaint as duine, it is a mean thing to deceive a person. S.a. beo13, beo21, bráthair 3, scoláire 1(b).3. (Expressing pity, sympathy) Mo leanbh ~, my poor child. Tá an duine ~ tuirseach, the poor fellow is tired. Is ~ liom do chás, I’m sorry for your trouble. Mise ~! Poor me! 4. (Expressing dislike, contempt) Is ~ liom a rá leat, I am sorry to have to say to you. Is ~ liom imeacht air, I don’t like to go away without him. Is ~ liom a shásamh a thabhairt dó, I don’t want to give him that satisfaction. An t-amadán ~, the poor fool. 5. Stingy.
Is bocht an t-~ atá air, he has a poor place to live in.
Ba bhocht an t-~ é, it was a sad sight.
Tá an duine bocht in ~, the poor fellow is in a bad way.
Tá an duine bocht ag dul as i gcónaí, the poor fellow is fading away.
Tá an duine bocht ag ~, it is all up with the poor fellow.
Tá dóigh bheag bhocht orthu, they are in a poor way.
~ bocht, ‘poor mouth’, persistent complaint of poverty.
~ bocht a dhéanamh, to make a poor mouth.
Tá ~ bocht orthu, they are living in poverty.
Tá siad ~ (go) bocht, they are living in poverty.
Tá an duine bocht ina cheap magaidh acu, they are making a laughing-stock of the poor fellow.
Tá ~ bhocht ort, you are very restless.
~ dín na mbocht, protector of the poor.
~ bocht, mendicant (friar).
Ba bhuí bocht liom cupán tae a fháil, I was more than glad to get a cup of tea.
Is ~ bocht, ~ déirce, leo an méid sin féin a fháil, they are humbly grateful to get even that much.
Is ~ le bocht an beagán, we must be thankful for small mercies.
Cá hionadh dúinn a bheith bocht? Is it any wonder we are poor?
A chabhail bhocht! My poor fellow! My poor old friend!
~ bocht dealbh, poor lone creature.
Chaibeáil siad Séamas bocht, they buried poor Séamas.
Is bocht an ~ é, it is a sad case.
~ bocht, poor creature.
Tá an duine bocht ag ~ an tsaoil, the poor fellow’s whole life is a torment.
~ na mbocht, for the poor.
Ba bhocht an chinniúint a bhí roimhe, an ill fate awaited him.
Chomharthaigh Dia dó féin an duine bocht, God designated the poor fellow for himself.
An ~, an ~ bocht, the poor thing.
Na boicht a chur faoi chuing, to subject the poor to oppression.
Beatha bhocht dhearóil, poor miserable life.
Tá ~ bheag bhocht air, he has a very poor appearance; he looks sickly.
Déan ~ ar an duine bocht, take pity on, help, the poor fellow in his need.
Chomh bocht leis an ~, as poor as a church mouse.
An ~ bocht! The poor devil!
~ na mbocht, na bpeacach, the refuge of the poor, of sinners.
~í an duine bhoicht, the poor man’s difficulties.
Seanduine bocht ~, poor blind old man.
An ~ bocht, the poor little thing; the little wretch.
An ~ bheag bhocht, the poor little thing.
Daoine bochta, saibhre, poor, rich, people.
Is bocht an t-~ a bhfuil sé ann, he is in a sorry plight.
Bheith bocht ~, to be poor and needy.
Ní bhfuair an duine bocht aon ~, the poor fellow got no respite.
Is bocht a ~adh iad, they were most unfortunate.
A féile agus a ~ do na boicht, her generosity and liberality towards the poor.
Ba bhocht an ~ iad, they were a sorry spectacle.
Níl ~ aige do na boicht, he doesn’t show concern for the poor.
Tá an t-athair é ~ bocht, the father himself is poor.
Níl ~ ar bith sa duine bocht, there is no harm in the poor fellow.
Mo ghraidhin an duine bocht! Poor fellow, God love him!
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