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riar1, m. (gs. as s. ~, as vn. ~tha).1. vn. of riar2. 2. Administration, management. ~ gnóthaí, cirt, dlí, administration of affairs, of justice, of law. 3. Provision, service. ~ teaghlaigh, provision for household. ~ na hoíche, provision, chores, for the night. Cuireadh ~ maith orainn, we were well looked after. 4. Distribution, allocation. ~ cothrom a dhéanamh ar rud, to make a fair apportionment of sth. An té atá i mbun a ~tha, the person who is serving it out. Fear ~tha déirce, dispenser of charity. 5. Share, supply; sufficiency. Tá mo ~ ann, it is enough for my needs. Tar le do ~ de, make do with your share of it. Tá ~ na gcéadta ann, it would supply a multitude. Tá ~ a gcáis, a riachtanais, acu, they have enough for their needs. ~ maith de mhaoin an tsaoil, a goodly share of the world’s goods. ~ agus éileamh, supply and demand. 6 = réir. (Var:~adh m)
riar2, v.t. (pp. ~tha). 1. Administer, manage. Gnó a ~, to manage a business. Eastát a ~, to administer an estate. 2. Provide (ar, do, for). ~ ar mhuirín, to provide for a family. Ag ~ don chléir, providing for the clergy. Is doiligh ~ daoibh uile, it is hard to provide for all of you. ~ mo dheacair, relieve my misery. Is minic a ~ sé dúinn, he often helped us out. 3. Distribute, allocate; supply. Bia a ~ ar dhaoine, to serve people with food. ~ thart an deoch, serve the drink around. ~ sé féin na leabhair orainn, he himself supplied us with the books. 4. Serve, obey. Toil Dé a ~, to serve God’s will. (Var:~aigh)
Riar sé ar a g~, he provided for them in their distress.
Dlíonn aoi a riar, a guest is entitled to attention.
Riar agus ~, supply and demand.
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