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In ~ sna driseacha, caught in the briars.
~ driseacha, clump of briars.
Dris choilgneach, thorny briar.
~ dhriseacha, bordering of briars; briar thicket.
~ chumhra, sweet briar.
I bh~ i dtairne, i ndris, caught on a nail, in a briar.
~ sa dris, caught in the briar.
In achrann sa dris, entangled in the briar.
Is dris ar ~ é, he is as lacerating as a briar.
Gearrtha ~tha ag na driseacha, torn and rent by briars.
~ adhmaid, briar-pipe.
Ní thig liom mo mhuinchille a réiteach as na driseacha, I can’t free my sleeve from the briars.
Anonn is anall ~ na driseacha, back and forth through the briars.
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