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spreag, v.t. (pp. ~tha).1. Urge, incite; arouse, inspire; prompt, encourage. Duine a ~adh le rud a dhéanamh, to inspire s.o. to do sth. An pobal a ~adh, to rouse the people. ~ sé na fir, he encouraged the men. D’intinn a ~adh, to stimulate one’s mind. An chuimhne a ~adh, to jog the memory. ~ smaoineamh mé, a thought occurred to me. ~ sé mé (go), it occurred to me (that). Ba é Dia a ~ thú, God inspired you. Cad é a ~ iad le sin a dhéanamh? What prompted them to do that? Mianta a ~adh, to excite passions. ~ an tsaint iad, greed drove them on. ~ an Diabhal é, the Devil tempted him. Ná ~ é, don’t provoke him. Ní bhfuair mé le ~adh é, I couldn’t prevail on him. Ceol a ~adh, to inspire music; to play, sing, with spirit. Ag ~adh na dtéad, twanging the strings. Ag ~adh Béarla, rattling away in English. 2. Lit: Rebuke, reprove. An peacach a ~adh, to admonish the sinner. Ag ~adh a choireanna dó, reproaching him for his transgressions.
Croí duine a mhealladh, a spreagadh, to beguile, stir, s.o.’s heart.
~ súgach, ~ spreagtha, asparagus.
~ a chur i nduine, to rouse, incite, s.o.
~ intinne, mental stimulation.
~ feirge, provocation to anger.
~ na colainne, excitation of the body.
~ ceoil, lively (playing of) music.
An ~ nach bhfuair sé, the encouragement he didn’t get.
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