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stuaim, f. (gs. ~e).1. Level-headedness, self-control; good sense, staidness, prudence. Staidéar agus ~, steadiness and self-control. Beir ar do ~, take hold of your senses. Tá ~ mhór aici le páistí, she is very patient in handling children. Bean na céille agus na ~e, a woman of sense and prudence. A ~ a bhaint de dhuine, to unbalance s.o. Duine atá as a ~, one who has lost his reason. 2. Ingenuity, steadiness, (patient) skill. Rud a dhéanamh le ~, to do sth. with skill and patience. Le ~ láimhe, by skill of hand; with a steady hand. Bhain sé as a ~ féin é, he thought it out for himself. As a ~ féin a rinne sé é, he did it on his own initiative. Lit:Eolas a chur ar gach ~, to get to know all the skills.
Rinne sé as a neart, as a stuaim, féin é, he did it by his own strength, ingenuity.
~ ar do chiall, ar do stuaim, have sense, patience.
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