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~eadh siar as a cholainn é, he was made to suffer (physically) for it.
Rud a bhrú ar d’aigne, ar do chroí, to suffer sth. in silence.
Bhí ~ síos, ~ suas, air, he was suffering from diarrhoea, from vomiting.
Cion an chiontaigh ar an neamhchiontach, the innocent suffers for the crimes of the wicked.
Tá na ~a ag cur air, he is stiff in the joints, suffers from rheumatism.
~ cróí a fháil, to suffer heartbreak, to be overwhelmed with sorrow.
Bainfear as do chreataí é, your body will suffer for it; you will pay dearly for it.
~ ruda a bhaint as duine, to make s.o. pay, suffer, for sth.
Chúitigh sé a phurgadóireacht ar an saol seo, he redeemed his term in purgatory (by his suffering) in this life.
I n~ íota, suffering from thirst.
Tá a dheasca fós orm, I am still suffering from the effects of it.
An ~ a bhaint as duine, to make s.o. suffer the consequences (of his act).
Crá croí a fháil, to suffer heart-break.
~ fadfhulangach, patient and long-suffering.
Ag ~t go dian, suffering severely.
Rud a fhulaingt do dhuine, to suffer, permit, s.o. to have sth.
Tá ~ fhada aige, he is a long-suffering man; he has great patience.
Ní haon gha nimhe dó é, he won’t suffer by it.
Ní ghoilleann an teas air, he doesn’t suffer from the heat.
Nár imí uainn ach é, may we suffer no worse loss.
Tá an ~ ag cur air, he is suffering from asthma.
~ a fháil, to suffer disgrace.
Is é an ~ a bhí thíos leis, the innocent had to suffer for it.
~ oíche a fhulaingt, to endure a night of travail, of suffering.
~ a bheith ort, to suffer from asthma.
Do phurgadóir a chur díot ar an saol seo, to expiate one’s sins, to suffer agonies, in this life.
~ nó pian, suffering or pain.
Ní bheidh ~ dá bharr ort, you will suffer no ill effects; you will be perfectly all right.
~ a fhulaingt, to suffer contumely; to endure an insult.
Ní hé atá ~ leis ach a pháistí, it is not he who has to suffer for it but his children.
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