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ga1, m. (gs. ~, pl. ~thanna).1. Spear, dart. ~ a theilgean, to cast a spear. ~ iascaigh, fish-spear, gig. 2. Dart, sting. ~ nathrach, sting of asp. ~ aoire, sting of satire. ~ a chur i nduine, to sting s.o. Chuir an cat a gha ann, the cat clawed him. Tá a gha ionam, he has it in for me. Ní haon gha nimhe dó é, he won’t suffer by it. 3. Ray. (a)~ solais, ray of light. ~ gréine, gealaí, sunbeam, moonbeam. ~ tí solais, beam of lighthouse. (b)Ph:~thanna trasnaíochta, interfering rays. (c)Bot:~ planda, ray of plant. ~ buí, hemp nettle. 4. Radius. (a)Geom:~ ciorcail, radius of circle. ~ na cuaire, radius of curvature. (b)Anat:~ na rí, radius of forearm. (c)~ rotha, spoke of wheel. 5. Med: Suppository. 6. Fish: Gaff.
ga2, s. (In phrase) Bhí ~ seá ann, he was panting, gasping for breath.
Ga a ~adh, to inflect a ray.
Ga solais a chamadh, to refract a ray of light.
Gathanna ag comhchruinniú (ar), rays converging (on).
Gathanna a chruinniú, to focus rays.
Ga solais a dhíriú ar rud, to focus a ray of light on sth.
Ga, cloch, a dhiúracadh, to hurl a dart, a stone.
Luascóp ~, cathode-ray oscilloscope.
Ga ~, incident ray.
Ga a ~ean, to cast a spear.
~fidh mé ga eile chugat, I’ll let fly another shaft at you.
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