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taibhse, f. (gs. ~, pl. -sí).1. Ghost. (a) Apparition, spectre. ~ an chnádáin, the bogey man. ~ thorainn, poltergeist. (b) Emaciated person. Níl ann ach ~, he is worn to a shadow. 2. Manifestation; appearance, look. Is mó a thairbhe ná a thaibhse, it is better than it looks. 3. (a) Display, ostentation. ~ gan cur leis, empty show. (b) Pretension, pride. Ag imeacht as a chuid éadaigh le ~, puffing himself up with pride. 4 = aibhse. (Var. of 1:m)
Cheiliúir an taibhse, the ghost vanished.
Cuireadh an taibhse faoi chónaí, the ghost was laid.
Ba chosúil le taibhse é, he had the appearance of a ghost.
Taibhse a dhíbirt, to lay a ghost.
Taibhse a dhúiseacht, to raise a ghost.
In ~ taibhse, in the manner of a ghost.
~ an taibhse, the ghost appeared.
Thaispeáin an taibhse é féin ar aghaidh an toir, the ghost appeared in front of the bush.
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